Learn the science and business of brewing beer

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beerSAN DIEGO, CA – Leave it to the folks in California to turn beer drinking into hard work.

Two University of California, San Diego college campuses have developed 18 and 24-month professional certificate programs in beer brewing.

And yes, you’ll learn the craft from ‘bottoms up’, from the science of brewing, to the business of brewing, to a hands-on internship in a local brewery.

You’ll also have to take math, calculus, chemistry, and biology before you get your feet, and hands, wet, so to speak. An educational field where cramming for finals is its own reward.

Most beer drinkers around here know about Saint Arnold’s Brewery, the oldest craft beer brewer in Houston.

But did you know that Southern Select was a product of the Houston Ice & Brewing Company more than 100 years ago, producing about 200,000 barrels of brew a year?

Or, that the site of the original brewery was the first commercial landmark in Houston protected for preservation?

And, did you know that Saint Arnold’s is not the only craft brewery around these parts?

In fact, you could drink a different local beer a day for a couple of weeks and never drink the same brew twice.