People Steaming over “Hitler” Tea Kettle

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What do you see when you look at this tea kettle from JCPenney? Well some California commuters are steaming saying the $40 kettle looks like Adolf Hitler.

The tea kettle in question is formerly known as the “Bells and Whistles Stainless Steel Tea Kettle” and is part of JCPenney’s Michael Graves-designed kitchenware line. Social media boiled over with comments regarding the kettle. Some wondered if the design was intentional.

J.C. Penney issued a lighthearted response on Twitter:

“@samir Totally unintentional. If we had designed the kettle to look like something, we would’ve gone w/a snowman

Seriously?! People have way too much time on their hands. And are they stopping traffic looking at this kettle? All I see is the reflection of idiots. Wonder what they’re drinking.

In the end there’s no such thing as bad press. The kettle has sold out online.

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