Storm rips up billboard in Amarillo; blows tarp off Rangers’ field

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signTEXAS – Amarillo by morning was a big mess after a storm ripped through overnight, ripping up an iconic billboard in its wake. If you’ve driven through Amarillo, you’ve seen it.

Texas Blue Lake Pools’ landmark sign was blown over, setting in motion a domino effect that knocked down the radio tower and snapped wires

There was a lot of destruction, but the store’s owner found a silver lining on the storm cloud.

“One thing that did stand up is the slide that was on the top of it. Everybody’s been around Amarillo has seen that slide for 30 some odd years, it’s always been at the top of our billboards,” said Joe Jones, owner.

And it’s going to stay that way. The owners say the slide is going back up.

You thought Amarillo was bad? Check out this Rangers’ game against the Arizona Diamondbacks in Arlington. The grounds crew tried to tarp the infield when a storm suddenly came through, but by the looks of it, the storm had other plans. Luckily no one was hurt, and the game will be made up later this season.

Guess these players should keep an eye on the ball and one on the sky.