Teens build car that runs on social media fuel

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carUSA – These days’ cars can run on gas, electricity, grease, poop and now, social fuel.

High school students from Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri turned a trashed out 1967 Karmann Ghia into sleek, hi-tech machine that converts social media interaction into electricity.

“It’s designed so that when we stop for charging, if we don’t have enough social fuel, the car won’t start again” says mentor Linda Buchner.

The social fuel — or watts — come from:

  • Twitter follows, re-tweets and hash tags
  • Facebook likes and shares
  • YouTube views
  • Instagram comments and likes
  • As well as Petitions

The car and technology are impressive, as is the students’ road to success. All were ‘at-risk’ teens who were falling through cracks in the traditional education system when they were accepted into the Minddrive program.

“We’re trying to provide a hook… a way to ignite their interests that they each have inside of them.”

Though their motivations were different, the result was unanimous.

“I guess this car has changed my perspective about how much a degree or education matters,” says one student.

The students will soon drive from K.C to D.C. to show off their ride and promote the benefits of hands on education. Happy motoring; we mean tweeting.