Teens turn from Facebook to Twitter and Instagram

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selfieHOUSTON, TX – Have you noticed your Facebook message stream slowing down a bit? It seems teens are ditching their millions of Facebook “friends” and heading to the lands of tweets and lo-fi pics.

94% of teens in a recent Pew poll said they have Facebook accounts, about the same as in 20-11.

But Tweeting among teens went up in that same period from 12% to 26%. And that’s not all.

Instagram has become the go-to social site for a lot of Houston teens. Janiccel Romero, 16, says she’s on Facebook once or twice a week now at most, but, “I’m on Instagram 24/7… maybe 25/7.”

So why the flip from Facebook?

“On Facebook, there can be like drama,” says Tania Fraire, 16. “For example, people can write on your wall saying mean things about you or to you.” She says Twitter is probably the most popular social site among her friends at school, though she prefers Instagram.

Guess even Instagram pics are worth a thousand words! Facebook must think they’re worth a lot more than that. They bought Instagram last year for a billion dollars.

And while all the teens we talked to still had Facebook accounts, most say they’re using them a lot less.

Romero explains, “Other social media came up and I like them more than Facebook.”

Fraire says Facebook just became too popular, “When my aunts and uncles started to get on Facebook, they would go through my wall and they would tell my mom what I was doing.” No teen wants that!

Major “unlike,” right? As soon as mom’s takeover the playground, it’s pretty much time to find a new one– and change the privacy settings.

Sometimes you want to keep those selfies just to yourself.