Texas bill to ban texting while driving fails

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textAUSTIN, TX – Texas still can’t get it together when it comes texting and driving.

A state bill that would ban the dangerous practice failed in Austin.

So for the time being, there’s nothing the fuzz can do about it.

Disappointing to many, who think a ban on texting behind the wheel could save countless lives.

With the hurdles the ban on texting and driving is facing in Austin, should Houston face the challenge itself?

Mayor Parker has a battle plan, “I’ve already launched a public awareness campaign. I think the best thing to do is to build public support. We’re working with companies, we’re working with high schools and colleges. We have a big team together with a public awareness campaign. Once that is in place, I will come back with our own legislation. And enough is enough, do not text and drive.”

If our leaders in Austin can’t get their act together, maybe our local leaders can do it for them.