Hong Kong Starbucks busted for brewing with ‘toilet’ water

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HONG KONG – Ahh, coffee. It’s an acquired taste.

Some people think it tastes like…you know what.

And that’s what many customers of a Hong Kong Starbucks are saying, after discovering the coffee shop was using toilet water to brew their high-priced crap.

The Starbucks, located in the famous Bank of China Tower, has been using the bathroom water since its opening in 2011.

A newspaper called the ‘Apple Daily’ published photos of a sign that reads ‘Starbucks Only’ just inches away from a urinal in a dingy washroom–located in the parking garage!

A Starbucks spokeswoman explained that there is no direct water source to this particular store, so workers would collect it from the bathroom five times a day.

But they swear it was filtered and safe to drink.

Something doesn’t smell right here?!

After realizing they were in deep doo-doo, the store apologized, and said they are only using distilled water now. Yuck!

Nothing like a little toilet water coffee to go with your poo-poo platter!

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  • Tony Balony

    In case you are confused, everything is “inches away”. An inch is a measurement that can be quantified. Inches, not so much. Thank you so much for contributing to the mass negative imaging of an unfortunate situation. See what I did there?

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