Fake EPA employee receives award for ethical behavior

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epaWASHINGTON, DC – Who put the ‘putz’ in E-P-A?

Apparently, that would be Richard Windsor, who completed the Environmental Protection Agency’s No FEAR Act training module in 2010.

The same Richard Windsor named a scholar of ethical behavior by the EPA three years running.

And the same Richard Windsor who looks exactly like Lisa Jackson, the former head of the EPA.

That`s because they are, indeed, the same person.

Jackson, like a lot of busy executives, used an alias e-mail account so important e-mails would not get lost in the digital deluge of her in-box.

After Jackson left the agency last year to be an environmental adviser to Apple, word got out about her cyber-alter-ego.

Jackson used her Richard Windsor identity to take the online security training most public agencies require.

What makes all of this just a little wacky is that after she, or he, took one set of courses, the EPA, which Jackson headed, named Windsor a scholar of ‘ethical’ behavior.

Not once.

Not twice.

But three times.

Where else but in the federal government can someone using a fake name receive an award for ethical behavior?

You go, girl!

Oh, that’s right. She did.