Gay rights activist interrupts Michelle Obama’s speech

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michelleWASHINGTON, DC – Presidents are used to hecklers. Remember when some heel threw a shoe at Forty-One?

Just last month, President Obama verbally fenced with a member of the anti-war group Code Pink.

And now Michelle Obama is taking some heat over the way she reacted to a gay rights activist who interrupted the First Lady’s speech at a Democratic National Committee fund-raiser in Washington.

No news cameras were allowed, although one person appears to have taken this video with a cell phone.

At one point during the speech, Ellen Sturtz, a gay rights activist butted in to demand the government bar federal contractors from discriminating against people based on sexual orientation.

Various reports said the First Lady confronted Sturtz and told the audience that they could either listen to Sturtz or listen to her.

Sturtz was led away from the event held at the home of a rich lesbian couple.  She later told reporters she felt the first lady was in her face.

Maybe someone should tell the Obama’s that listening is a big part of leading. Just don’t throw a shoe when doing it.