Germans named best tippers in the world

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tipGERMANY – When you think of Germans you might think of sauerkraut, lederhosen and yodeling. Now you can add good tippers to the list.

According to Trip Advisor, who surveyed 9,000 vacationers, Germans are the best tippers in the world. Yeah, 69% of the schnitzel-lovers say they tip at restaurants and hotels. That’s compared to 57% of Americans, 53% of Russians and 40% of Brazilians. Hey, wait a second – 43% of Americans don’t tip? Well that ain’t right!

Would it surprise you to know what only 39% of the snooty French tip? Probably not, but it might that: Brits are no better. The Spanish would be the worst tippers in the world, if it weren’t for the stingy Italians. Only 23% of Italians say they leave gratuity while on vacation.

Other than being a cheapskate, why would someone NOT tip?

Maybe they think like Mr. Pink from Reservoir Dogs who says, “‘I don’t tip because society says I have to. I’ll tip if somebody really deserves it, if they really put forth the effort I’ll give them something extra but I mean this tipping automatically is for the birds.”

Whatever the reason, it looks like many believe it’s gratuitous to leave a gratuity.