Neil Armstrong’s moon landing speech was misquoted

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neilHOUSTON, TX – Houston we have a problem.

What did Neil Armstrong actually say when he took his first step on the moon?

We all know the phrase, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” but according to Neil Armstrong, he was misquoted. The phrase should have been, “One small step for ”a” man’, but the article “a” was not heard.

The highly debated ‘A’ has come into the spotlight again because of a study. Researchers at Ohio State and Michigan State Universities say Armstrong may have said exactly what he intended.

The study shows that in Ohio, Armstrong’s home state, “for” and “for a” sound similar.

Most people agree.  Everyone understands the gist of what Armstrong intended.

Then again, we can always debate the conspiracy theory bringing into question whether anyone landed on the moon at all.

All this over a single letter.