Starbucks baristas fight for their tips

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starbucksNEW YORK, NY – To tip or not to tip, that is the question. But whether you like your gratuity tall, grande or venti, it seems like Starbucks baristas have plenty to complain about. Just when you thought any problem can be solved with a cup of Joe, here comes a major class action-suit filed in New York over who’s entitled to dipping into the tip jars.

Baristas, shift supervisors, assistant managers and the company itself; everybody’s involved in these tip wars — except the customers who pay the tips.

Baristas argue any position above them should be excluded from the tip pool. On the other hand, shift supervisors and assistant managers say they deserve a piece of the cake too since most of the time they’re out there providing service.

The state court decision could affect not only Starbucks, but the whole hospitality industry, which includes over 42,000 business and a quarter-million workers statewide. Maybe someday the plight of the baristas will make an awesome topic for a Broadway show, but in the meantime come on guys: instead of minimum wage employees fighting over pocket change, why not raise their salaries? Give me a coffee break!