‘Sugar rushes’ on the decline in the U.S.

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drinkPORT WASHINGTON, NY – New research shows children are eating fewer sugary, sweet, treats than they did 15 years ago.

These stats come from N-P-D, market research gurus based in New York State, who has tracked the food habits of Americans for the last 30 years.  Adults are eating less sugar too but do a better job controlling their children’s food choices. If you’re wondering if this decline in eating sugary foods is a trend- the answer is no. The fight to eat healthier and prevent obesity is actually picking up steam.

N-P-D’s stats are based on the eating diaries of 2 thousand households- so about 5 thousand people.  While that may not sound like a lot of people, the stat that  youngsters have dumped carbonated soft drinks, pre-sweetened cereals and juices- in double digit numbers has the attention of those who make and sell the sweet stuff.

Did we mention that 90% of food and beverage makers use N-P-D data? Yeah, so you can expect to see expanded product lines leaning toward ‘healthier’ in the near future. Let’s face it, we still have a sweet tooth we’re just trying not to pig out as much.