You can now turn your iPhone pics into instant Polaroid prints

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polaroidNEW YORK, NY – Remember Polaroid cameras? You could take a picture and instantly got a real, physical photograph that developed in just a seconds.

We thought they were nonexistent, but the guys with the Impossible Project in New York have revived the classic camera with the impossible instant lab.

The new device allows you to turn your digital iPhone photos into analog instant photo prints.

Your iPhone is attached to the device using a special cradle and stacking tower, the resulting photos are exposed using only the light from your phone’s display.

Kind of interesting but will enough people be interested in it? It’ll cost you $300 bucks if you are.

Plus we’re not sold on the whole turning a beautiful digital picture into a low-grade quality analog photo.

If we wanted Polaroid in the first place wouldn’t it still be around?