1300 pound mako shark caught in California

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sharkHUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – California’s coast just got a little safer. Check out this monster Mako shark caught just 15 miles off of Huntington Beach.

This bad boy comes in at 11 feet long, eight feet in girth, and over 1300 pounds. The shark fought the good fight. One of the fishermen, Jason Johnston from Mesquite, Texas, says it took over two hours and a quarter-mile of line to reel it in.

“Once it got close to the boat it got really dangerous, then they had to put the gas in it and I had to reel it all the way to the boat we had to tie the tail up with a rope,” Johnson.

While the guys wait to see if they broke a world record, they plan to donate the beast to science.

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