Breast milk flavored lollypops will have you puckering up

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lollyphileAUSTIN, TX – There’s a sucker born every minute; might as well make a product that suits their taste!

An Austin-based candy company, Lollyphile, has unveiled its latest flavored pop that they hope will have you puckering up like a little baby. Suck on their brand new, breast milk lollipops.

The folks over at Lollyphile say their breast milk pops taste like “sweet almond with a creamy base”. But according to the company’s website, the mother “suckers” don’t actually have any mammary milk in them.

The pops are in fact vegan… made from sugar, corn syrup and other natural flavors. They also go on to say, “we are endlessly grateful to all the mothers who kept sharing their breast milk with our flavor specialist, until we were able to “candify” it.

You wanna’ lick? 4 breast milk pops will run you 10 bucks. 58 bucks will get you a case of 36. But really, if you’re willing to spend that much on lollipops, you would have to be a pretty big sucker!