Dad runs over son to catch grand-slam ball

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slamslam 2slam3SEATTLE, WA – What a great night for baseball, and for baseball fans in Seattle.

Those tickets were well worth a month’s pay just to see the Mariners and the Chicago White Sox go into extra, extra, extra innings.

And they got to see Kyle Seager hit a high fly ball to deep right center. A grand slam!

But hold on there, Nelly. Seager wasn’t the only one with a grand slam. Some dad trying to catch the ball did a body grand slam to his own son. That’s hard core. Don’t know if he caught the ball, but you can bet he caught it when it got home.

But the batty ballgame wasn’t over at Safeco Field as Seattle’s Kelly Shoppach took a swing and miss, and sent his bat flying into the stands. Heads up! Luckily this fan caught it with his hands and not between the eyes.

Chicago took nearly six hours to win 7-5 in 16 innings. Give those boys some cracker jacks.