First responders put you first to keep you safe

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You have to be touched and feel sad for everyone in the Houston Fire Department.

All of this gives us a moment to remember the firemen and woman who died in that hotel fire. These are the kind of people who go to work each day, knowing it could be their last.

We call first responders “Heroes!” Maybe, it’s also because they put you first when they’re on duty.

You might be surprised to know first responders are not in the recent list government list of Top Ten Dangerous Jobs.

That, of course, means nothing to the families of the firefighters. But for the rest of us, who get-up every day and think more about what they’re going to do “after” work that day. Remember, there are a select few out there who carry the burden of danger each day so you don’t have to.

And for those of you who complain a lot, hoping to get a new job—there’s always someone else on the job that will die trying to serve or save you.