Forbes reveals list of highest paid athletes in 2013

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tigerNEW YORK, NY – Forbes’ list of the year’s 100 highest paid athletes is out.

The highlights?  Tiger Woods is back on top.  Forbes says he earned $78.1 million in the last twelve months.  Not too shabby…

Roger Federer, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James round-out the top four with $71.5million, $61.9 million and $59.8 million, respectively.

Indian cricket player Mahendra Singh Dhoni beat out Kevin Durant and A-Rod for the number sixteen spot with $31.5 million.

Maria Sharapova was the highest paid woman (and one of only three ladies on the list) at number 22 with $29 million.

And Matt Schuab was the highest-paid Houston jock. He got number 50, with over $22 million.