Houston area kids ready to enjoy a much needed break

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summerHOUSTON, TX – School’s out for the summer and kids all around the Houston area are now on the loose looking for fun in the summer sun.

The Snyder twins just graduated from Scanlon Oaks Elementary School and they’re movin’ on up to middle school in style… Hummer style.  Says their dad, Gene Snyder, “We got a limo with all the parents. We’re heading to Grimaldi’s for lunch and just have a good time and celebrate their graduation from elementary school.”

Limo or not, everyone is psyched about the summer. Elementary school graduate Sarah Gillespie says the best thing about summer is, “We get to sleep in, do whatever we want and we don’t have to do homework.”

The parents are just as excited. Jennifer Snyder says, “Ooooh yes, I’m so excited.  When is school starting again?”  Uh, that sounded a little sarcastic.  Sarah Gillespie says, “My mom kid of likes it when we go to school so she has time to do whatever she want and she doesn’t have to scream at us when we fight.”

Enjoy the summer kids, school starts in how many days?

“Don’t ask Abby Nice – also a graduate – “I haven’t even started counting.”

We don’t blame you Abby.

Kids congrats on surviving another school year and have a hummer of a summer.