Mom’s fight during school talent show

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fightST. CLOUD, FL – Two women are learning a tough lesson after they broke out in a fight during a school talent show.

It happened in St. Cloud, Florida.

One woman, Latisha James says she got up to take a picture of her daughter because other parents were blocking her view. Another woman, Jessica Tyler says she approached Latisha and asked her to sit down. She claims Latisha said no and refused to sit down. That’s when Jessica stepped in front of Latisha and snapped a photo, then walked away. In the video, you can see Jessica knock down Latisha’s 3-year-old daughter. She claims it was an accident, but that sent Latisha over the edge. That’s when the claws came out and the fight broke out.

The case is now going to court and Latisha could face up to a year in prison if she’s convicted. As for Jessica, police have forwarded her case to the state attorney’s office to determine whether she should face charges as well.

Too bad they couldn’t just focus on talent.