Thief breaks into woman’s car, steals $500 worth of sex toys

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chelseycouttsSANDY, OR – This isn’t your average police report! A young Oregon woman had her car broken into overnight. The back of her vehicle, which had been full the previous day was empty in the morning.

For Chelsey Coutts, the robbery was bad enough. But what really got her hot and bothered was telling police the items snatched up were $500 worth of sex toys. Again, $500 worth of dirty things! But this nice girl says these naughty things weren’t meant for her, they were for her friend’s bachelorette party.

Some of the pilfered playthings: a 4 foot inflatable phallus and penis straws. That sucks for them! The missing toys are making such a buzz on social media a good Samaritans is sending Chelsey donations, to replace the stolen stockpile.