Thieves use technology to disengage your car’s alarm system

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caralarmLONG BEACH, CA – Technology is making things easier for everyone. Including thieves. Surveillance video released by police in Long Beach, California shows just how technologically savvy some thieves are becoming. Two car-burglars approach vehicles parked in a driveway and use an electronic device to trigger the car’s alarm systems and unlock the doors.

The video has police stumped. The remote box for your car alarm is encrypted and uses multiple codes to communicate with your vehicle, making them nearly impossible to duplicate.

“Most of the aftermarket alarm systems sold today use revolving codes or rolling code technology so they never use the same frequency twice,” explains Robert Davidoski, lead installer for Mobile One Auto Sound here in Houston.

Police theorize that with the vehicles being parked so close to the house, the suspects could be using a signal booster, essentially locating your remote box in the house and boosting its signal enough to unlock the car in the driveway.

Davisoski says, not so fast.

“For years we’ve heard about stories these code grabbers and radio frequency transmitters that allow this to happen, that’s why we always try to sell after-market alarm systems.”

But without having their hands on the device itself, there’s just no way for police to know for sure. Until they figure it out, it’s best to be safe and keep valuables out of your car and away from sight.