China hacked Obama and McCain’s 2008 Presidential computers

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chinaBEIJING, CHINA – Former China premier Mao Zedong was no stranger to spying on his own people. He called it the invisible magic weapon. Today, it could be a called an invisible ‘cyber’ weapon, which the Chinese government uses to spy on other governments, like the United States.

A recent Defense Science Board report says the Chinese have hacked some of our most expensive and exotic programs, including our high-altitude missile defense system and our ballistic missile defense system.

The Chinese also apparently hacked into the 2008 presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and John McCain. US officials have told reporters that the Chinese wanted to get their hands on internal position papers and private e-mail accounts of top campaign advisers.

One hack seemed to involve a private letter from McCain to Taiwan’s newly elected president.

The Chinese tipped their hand when they complained about the letter, written on McCain`s campaign computer, before he sent it. President Obama was supposed to tell China’s new president this weekend that china needs to stop its cyber-snooping.

But the reports that the Obama Administration is secretly tracking online activity of all Americans means he’ll be showing up to the summit with cyber egg foo yung on his face.

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