Government admits to spying on web traffic of American citizens

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WASHINGTON, DC – Uncle Sam’s spies are watching everything we think, do, and say when we are online, and they have been looking at us for a long time. The National Security Agency and the FBI have been bringing the action since at least 2007, with the approval of congress. Published reports say the NSA and FBI are tapping directly into the servers of nine companies, including Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Google, and Facebook.

The top-secret program called ‘Prism’ seems to grab foreign traffic flowing through the U-S service providers, who are denying they have anything to do with this.

Back in 2005 then-Senator Obama didn’t think we needed to sacrifice our liberties. ‘We don’t have to settle for a Patriot Act that sacrifices our liberties or our safety, we can have one that secures both.’

Seems he`s changed his mind. ‘I think it is important to recognize that you can’t have 100% security and then also have 100% privacy.’

The president’s media supporters are starting to pile on. The Huffington Post ran a photo of Obama morphing into George Bush.

Better watch out, Arianna! You may get audited.

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