Operation Feed Our Hereos feeds firefighters

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HOUSTON –  What a week it’s been for members of the Houston Fire Department. The least we could do as a community was put some food in their bellies, right?

Operation Feed Our Heroes did just that Thursday. Volunteers went from station to station and delivered food to our heroes on duty.

“All we did we just asked who wanted to come out and help us, help cook, do all this and we had people, all kids of people come and volunteer,” said Anja Storms.

The effort also proves the power of social media. The whole mission started with a simple Facebook post by Joanne Stewart, wife of Firefighter Captain Dane Stewart.

The goal was to feed 150 fire fighters on the west side, but the thing took off. Everyone on duty got a piece of the pie.

“Pullin’ together 1,000 plates full of food was not an easy chore, but with the love and support of Houston and friends and family, we pulled it together,” said John Mercer or Gettin’ Sauced Cookers.

It’s amazing what people will do out of the goodness of their hearts.

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