Santa Monica college shooting

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It’s a scene we’re seeing all too often.
“What I heard was unbelievable. I heard one bang, stop, fifteen bangs…” said witness Russ Holzhauer.
Police say six people are dead after a series of shootings in Santa Monica, Calif.
It all started at a house fire. Fire officials say two bodies were found inside, and a woman was found shot and injured in a car outside of the home.
A short time after, police say the shooter opened fire on a bus.
“It happened right in front of me. I was in my car, and a guy on the left side of the street jumped out of the car with a big black gun and started blasting rounds at all of our cars and the buildings and the bus,” said another witness.
Then, at Santa Monica College, witnesses say more shots rang out.
“I saw people running past the window, so I got up and headed toward the entrance, and that’s when I heard what sounded like a small bomb or a shotgun blast,” said one witness who was on campus.
Police say it all ended in the library with the gunman dead.
As many as three people are still recovering in the hospital. They are expected to be okay.
What’s not okay is the fear weighing heavily on Americans’ minds.
What is the world coming to?

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