Cheerful women less likely to get promoted

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cheerfulMUNICH, GERMANY– Ever wonder why Beyonce looks so mad when she sings “Run the World”?

You know– “Who run the world? GIRLS!!  Who run the world? GIRLS!!”

Maybe she’s heard about this new study out of Germany that says women who smile are less likely to get promoted. If they want to be boss, they got to get cross. Cheery won’t make you chief but being dominant and assertive will.

Frank Wathen, a student at UCLA who lives in Houston, begs to differ, “Whatever the attitude is, as long as you get what you need to get done, I think that’s ultimately what makes a good boss.”

“I prefer a woman because, you know, I’m a guy,” laughs Pablo Aguilar, who’s never had a female boss.

Daniel Parker says female bosses can be a distraction, “I prefer a male boss because he’s more easy to get along with than a woman boss. You don’t wanna hit on her or anything and catch a case!”

The study shows folks think women are good at negotiating, networking, and strategizing– basically, social skills. But in the end people want a bossy boss– tough and assertive– and they think women are just too cheerful.

“Ha. Ha. That’s a big laugh,” scoffs Crystal Acuff sarcastically. She works for a female boss in a Houston auto shop. “How do they put it on text message? …LOL.”

Sounds like a bunch of stereotypes to us: women– loving; men– strong.

Priscilla Pulido says she prefers a male boss, “Women are more structured, more rigid about coming in on time, leaving early, having family obligations.”

Her friend Andy Kepple, agrees, “Yeah, I’d say they seem to be less flexible.”

Jesse Parker prefers his current male boss to past female one, but says it depends on the person, “You wanna get along with your employees but at a safe distance because if they get too relaxed, that affects the work.”

We hope Hillary Clinton doesn’t read this study, or we might be seeing a lot more “Mean Hillary” than “Happy Hillary.” And nobody wants that!

But wait– didn’t she tell Barbara Walters, “I have no intention of running”?  …Suuuure you don’t.

If she’s telling the truth, though, who’ll take her place on the ballot? How about Beyonce? She promises in her song, “My persuasion can build a nation.”

It might be a nice change, right?

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