Galveston Coast Guard bids farewell to retired K-9

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dogGALVESTON, TX – They say “every dog has their day,” but not many get their own retirement party. Well, except for Ferro!

That’s because the Belgian Malinois was a Coast Guard, military working K-9 for the past nine years; that’s 63 in dog years! And for close to a decade, Petty Officer 1st class Shane Coleman served as Chief Ferro’s partner.

Coleman and Ferro have called the Maritime Safety and Security Team in Galveston home for the past five years, so it goes without saying this salty dog knows where to find the best snacks, but this highly decorated dog wasn’t always man’s best friend. Throughout his early training, Ferro sent Coleman to the hospital four times. But now the pair has long put their differences behind them.

It’s not just goodbye to Ferro, Petty Officer Coleman will also be moving on to a Coast Guard cutter in New Jersey. His next role in the coast guard won’t be as a K-9 handler; but Ferro will still be close to his heart. The retired K-9 will be adopted by Coleman and his wife.

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