Half of National Gaming Finalists are University of Houston students

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HOUSTON – Lets admit it, we all play games on our smart phones from time to time. There’s a bunch of great ones- Angry Birds, Words With Friends; but have you heard about “Zipline Hero” or “Lost Spectrum”? Those are two games that University of Houston computer science students developed as part of the U.S Imagine Cup; a competition in Silicon Valley where they put their game designs up against teams from Rice, University of Colorado and other leading universities.

“It’s a technology based competition but also at the same time, Microsoft emphasized entrepreneurship and start up business. Each team had 8 min. presentation and 5 min. q&a, where they explained their games and also the potential business start up that they can start with their products.”

Not only did UH finish with two of the top four; they also brought it with a total of 6 teams in the top 25 at the competition.

“We’re making a game, well we made a game for Windows 8 phone, where the levels are really fast, they last 5 seconds each and as you play the levels get faster and faster and the game goes from black and white to full color.”

“Right now there’s a lot of really fun casual games, but we wanted to make something that was a little more interactive so we made a really fun platform that has the retro feel from Sonic and the Mario games, but has new age mechanics, like the physics from “Cute the Rope”

The teams plan to market and sell their games on all cell phone platforms, not just the Windows phone market.  Who knows, maybe one day it will be a flight attendant asking Alec Baldwin to stop playing “Lost Spectrum” or “Zipline Hero”, instead of “Words With Friends.”

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