Beyonce doesn’t look so bootylicious in this ad

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beyonceNEW YORK, NY – Beyonce is music diva known for her curves and she’s not afraid to flaunt them.

The bootylicious babe is also known for keeping tight control over photos of herself.

So we’re anxious to hear what she has to say about her latest super star image released by Roberto Cavalli’s PR team. She’s not very bootylicious in this ad! Come on. It’s plain as day this is another example of photoshopping gone wrong.

It’s no surprise Beyonce’s fans were quick to criticize the photo by taking to social media saying there’s no way those stems could support Beyonce’s curves. Good point!

Cavalli claims it’s a fashion sketch not a photo.

Yea, well either way what happened to keepin’ it real?

Let’s get back to the curves Cavalli!

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