Mexican-American boy sings national anthem, becomes victim of racism

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mariachiSAN ANTONIO, TX – It’s a performance even the biggest stars look forward to, singing the Star Spangled Banner at a big game. So when an 11-year-old Mariachi singer Sebastien de la Cruz got the call to sing the national anthem, he answered.

But his stellar performance didn’t go over so well with everyone. Some took to Twitter criticizing his Mariachi outfit and saying that Sebastien shouldn’t have sung the anthem because he’s Mexican.

You would think the 11-year-old would take the criticism hard, but he’s taking the higher road.

“I think that the people who were talking bad was because of what I was wearing. And it’s not my fault,’ Sebastien said. ‘It’s what I love. And I’m just proud to be a mariachi singer, and it’s their opinion actually. And if they don’t like mariachi, that’s their problem. I love it.”

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