NY cops caught on video assaulting gay man

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nybeatingBROOKLYN, NY – A group of New York cops picked the wrong gays to mess with.

Maybe it wasn’t 26-year-old Josh Williams’ sexual orientation that got them so angry, but that’s sure what it looked like on video captured by his roommate.

Williams and his two roommates, Tony Maenza and Ben Collins, told the Village Voice blog they were walking home from a bar at about 4 a.m. Their only apparent mistake was walking by a police station.

A cop tried to accuse Williams of peeing on the precinct, something the guys say did not happen.

Williams is 5’8″ and 140 pounds, yet as many as five cops got in on his arrest. He says he was maced multiple times, suffered a black eye, bruised ribs, a scrape on his chest and a cut that required stitches on his face.

At one point one of the cops shoved one of Williams’ roommates, telling him to get out of there and asking if he wanted to go with Williams.

Maenza and Collins ended up getting arrested too, saying the cops told them they would find something to charge them with.

As for Williams, he was charged with resisting arrest, not public urination.

That brings it all back to what the guys and Williams’ lawyer are calling homophobia. At one point a cop can be heard calling them a homophobic slur.

The whole thing is now under investigation by NYPD Internal Affairs.

Too bad for the cops, a badge can’t hide you from cell phone video.

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