Virtual license plates coming to a car near you?

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platesCOLUMBIA, SC – Your license plate may soon be as high tech as your car.

South Carolina is experimenting with e-tags, or electronic license plates. According to David Findlay, Co-founder of Compliance Innovations, “It’s not an LCD or an LED. What it’s made of is electronic paper. It’s a new technology that allows you to hold the image with no power whatsoever for over 10 years. The only time it requires power is when you change the status or the image on the plate.”

When you do change the status or image, the power – believe it or not – comes from the vibrations of your car.

These electronic license plates are also powered by solar power. Even better, no more visits to the Department of Motor Vehicles. When it’s time to renew your tag; the D.M.V would just electronically update it. Just as if they wanted to change your plate display to show an Amber Alert, a stolen car, or if your license is suspended.

Brian Bannister, Invented Electronic License Plate says, “Depending on how the state wants, it could be bright red, and we can actually flash the plate… have it flashing as it goes down the road.”

Right now South Carolina is just testing it on state vehicles. If it’s successful, they’ll reduce the size to a regular license plate then roll it out to John Q. Public.

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