Two motorcycle cops hurt in Obama’s Miami motorcade

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motorcadeMIAMI, FL – President Obama continues to campaign, not for office, but for money.And this week’s visit to Miami nearly cost a couple of local motorcycle cops their lives.

The two officers were clearing the way for the President’s motorcade, on I-95 heading for Miami International Airport, when one of them apparently hit an abandoned vehicle on an exit ramp.

Both cops went down and then went to the hospital, but not with serious injuries.

Obama’s visits can be deadly, though. Back in September, a motorcycle cop in the President’s motorcade died when a pickup truck ran into him. That was during a campaign stop in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The term ‘going down’ apparently has a different meaning for members of Hillary Clinton’s protection detail when she was secretary of state.

Aurelia Fedenisn from Texas is the former State Department internal investigator who says high-ranking officials blocked probes into members of Clinton’s security detail hiring prostitutes while on official overseas trips.

An inspector general’s report also alleges U.S. Ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman, ditched his security to pick up child prostitutes. He says no.

Well, at least he didn’t waffle.

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