Buzz Aldrin says Tang sucks!

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tangCULVER CITY, CA – Be honest. What comes to mind when you think of ‘Tang?’

Maybe you think of a hip-hop group. Or maybe you think of that powdered drink, or maybe some tasty Tang pie.

Steve Ramin of Houston says when he thinks of Tang, he thinks of an ‘orange, liquid drink. Orangutans everywhere. And then Buzz Aldrin, about the astronauts.’

Yeah, well, about that Buzz thing. You see, former moon-walker Buzz Aldrin now says when he thinks of Tang, he thinks of something that really sucks.

During the taping of Spike TV’s Guy’s Choice Awards, Aldrin complained about how Tang never offered him, or any of the astronauts, big money endorsement deals.

So, what’s wrong with free Tang?

“I was asking my wife for some Tang a couple of nights ago, but that wasn’t happenin’,” Thomas Ruiz told us.

But Charlotte Jefferies had another take on Tang, “I grew up on Tang. I mean, from a little kid on up. I’ve always had Tang.”

Maybe Aldrin’s problem is that up in space he had to use a straw for his Tang, because, everyone on earth knows that spoon Tang is much better.