IRS buys spy equipment during spending scandal

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irsWASHINGTON, DC – Amidst all the scandals taxing the Internal Revenue Service like lavish parties, Star Trek videos and targeting tea party groups for non-profit status. Now we can add the filing of an urgent request for hidden cameras and recording equipment from private vendors posted on the government website

The agency wanted to buy: four hidden plant colored cameras, four covert coffee tray cameras, four remote recording systems, two clock radio cameras and four concealable color cameras.

Why’d they need this? The IRS isn’t telling anyone who the vendor is and gives no reason for the equipment

Suddenly the agency recently canceled their order without reason.

The original bid was only open for a few hours and the company that was chosen is out of luck. But with the, ‘we don’t need a warrant to read your email,’ crap. Why would anyone help the IRS anyway?