Lego figures are angrier than ever and someone should stop it

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legoNEW ZEALAND – Have you noticed Lego figures are getting angrier? Well that’s according Christoph Bartneck, a robot expert at the university of Canterbury in New Zealand.

In the past, Legos all had a standard smile. But this has changed as more sets are designed to tie in with films, often featuring battles between good and evil.

Bartneck examined 6,000 of the popular mini-figures and found in his research the number of smiley face Legos is decreasing and being replaced with angry faces and more weapons.

Wait, this dude actually did a study on this? Why?

Bartneck says looking at all those frowns could have a negative impact on how children play. He also says the designers of Lego faces should take great care to design the expressions and to test their effect since toys play an important role in the development of children.

OK let’s get this straight; he thinks an angry looking Lego will determine how a kid will grow up? Really?

Guess it’s a miracle we didn’t join the Army after playing with my G.I. Joes and toy soldiers.