Mom catches online predator through Facebook

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fbST. PETERSBURG, FL – Facebook is a place for friends. But one Florida mother realized it was also a place for child predators.

She’s going to use ‘Caroline’ to protect her identity. Caroline’s 11-year-old daughter made a Facebook page without her mother’s permission. But Caroline found out about it and started looking through it. She noticed that a 23-year-old man had been contacting her daughter. Red flags instantly went up, so Caroline set up a sting. She pretended to be her daughter, and when the man started asking for naughty pictures, Caroline complied. She sent the man a screen shot from a Target ad of a young child. The man fell for the bait and started sending racier messages and pictures of himself.

Caroline had enough to go to police. They arrested Michael Jerome Bradley and charged him with preying on a child.