North Forest ISD judge rules to dismiss case

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School is out for summer, but North Forest I.S.D. is in court continuing the fight to keep its doors open.

On Friday, it was a judge in Austin’s turn to keep hope alive.

Attorney for North Forest I.S.D. Ron Rainey said, “We believe the court has jurisdiction to order the commissioner to comply with the law.”

The court didn’t agree.

The issue at hand: The Texas Education Agency is shutting the district down and having H.I.S.D. tale over, saying North Forest hasn’t performed up to TEA standards.

“They’re basing decisions on what’s happened in the past at North Forest. They aren’t looking at the great strides that they’ve made, the partnerships they’ve entered into, so to me it’s fundamentally unfair,” said Rainey.

With the closure scheduled for July1, time is running out. But options are not.

“The fight’s not over with, let me put it that way. We will appeal to the third court of appeals, and we will take any other avenues of relief that we have,” said Rainey.

It’s not looking  good for North Forest. It’s not looking good at all.