Obama says Syria crossed the chemical-weapon red line

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syriaDAMASCUS, SYRIA – The United States now accuses the Syrian government of using chemical weapons in the country’s two-year civil war.

This video is said to be of victims of a gas attack.

After months of checking and double-checking, President Obama says the United States has evidence Syria used chemical weapons several times, killing as many as 150 people.

The white house announced that Syria had crossed the president`s red line a couple of days after former president Clinton implied Obama would look like a fool if he acted cautiously.

Clinton made his remarks at an event with Senator John McCain who has been pushing the administration to enter the war on the side of the rebels.

Obama jumps into the fray on the same day reports out of Aleppo tell of one group of Islamist rebels executing a 14-year-old boy in front of his parents for insulting the prophet Mohammed.

When McCain made his secret Memorial Day weekend trip to meet with Syrian rebel leaders, he got flack back home because some of those rebel groups are in league with al-Qaeda, as reported nearly two months before McCain’s trip.

This leaves Obama straddling the red line.

He now has to provide some kind of meaningful military aid to the rebels, but he cannot give them weapons, like surface-to-air missiles, that could later be used against us.

Then there are the monetary costs.

Reports say a no-fly zone would run a minimum $50 million a day.¬† And there`s no guarantee the so-called good guys won’t become bad guys later.

Can you say Taliban?