Sebastien de la Cruz sticks it to haters, sings national anthem again

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SebastiendelaCruzSAN ANTONIO, TX – It’s probably the most nerve-wracking song to sing in front of a large audience. And mariachi singer Sebastien De La Cruz, 11, nailed it…twice.

After his first performance at game 3 of the NBA Finals, the San Antonio Spurs didn’t hesitate to invite him back.

“I was like ‘yes!’ another chance to show San Antonio what I have to give them,” said De La Cruz.

No one can deny Sebastien’s singing abilities. But leave it to a gang of ‘internet trolls’ to try and muck up his star-spangled performance.

Hateful speech spewed all over Twitter, ridiculing the fact that he is Mexican-American and wore a mariachi suit.

We asked Houstonians what they thought about the young man’s performance.

“I was offended because I don’t see how they have the nerve to say that–that it’s messed up that a Mexican kid is singing the national anthem,” said Oscar Ramos.

“I love when people get to express individualism and get to be themselves, and that’s what America’s all about,” said Patricia Corron.

“I think what that kid did reflects on how America has changed. The face of America — we’re not the minority anymore,” said Joe Valdez.

News flash, folks. Most of us who call ourselves ‘Americans’ have roots in other countries.

Besides, plenty of ‘white’ people have had the opportunity to sing the National Anthem and failed miserably!

Are we really going to complain about his suit?!

“I’m just proud to be a mariachi singer. And…it`s their opinion actually.,” said De La Cruz.

Sebastien isn’t letting any of this so-called ‘controversy’ go to his head.

In fact, ‘El Charro de Oro’ is heading to New York City, where he`ll be singing in the National Anthem competition.

Take that, haters!