Texans new video board wider than the wingspan of a 747

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installHOUSTON, TX – The world’s largest indoor video board has officially made its home inside Reliant Stadium.

Pay close attention. It’s important you have your facts straight next time you run into a crazy Cowboys fan. This new board is sure to attract some haters!

The world’s largest indoor video board is just over 52 feet tall and 277 feet wide.

That’s a grand total of 14,549 square feet, compared to the old standard video boards that were a piddly 2,592 square feet. An extra 12,000 square feet of goodness. Hell yea!

To put it in perspective, the new video board is wider than the wing span of a 747.

The high-def display resolution is 1,000 x 5,280 pixels, 1080i format with 4.4 trillion colors of jitter-free images.

Manufactured by Mitsubishi, it’s also the widest display in professional sports. Giving Seattle, Washington the boot to the #2 spot. It’s about 40% wider than the video board inside Safeco Field.

And finally, the largest indoor video board in the world is also the largest end zone video display in the NFL. That’s more than 70% bigger than the current title holder, LP Field in Nashville, Tennessee.

So if this doesn’t make you excited about football season, we’re not sure what would.

Football season is less than three months away and the big picture this year; bulls on parade, baby!