Thieves dig tunnel to rob bank, get furniture store instead

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thievesBUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA – Professional thieves in Argentina dug a 260 feet tunnel in order to rob a bank, but accidentally emerged in a furniture store.

Implementing the master plan – so to speak – took them five months. The guys rented a warehouse for $3,000 a month and brought all sorts of drilling equipment and oxygen tanks. They knew what they were doing – sort of – since the tunnel didn’t collapse at any point. Once they reached the furniture store – 100 feet past the bank – they took roughly $1,000 from the cash register.

At the furniture store the thieves failed to disconnect the security systems, so the alarm went off. Can you imagine them trying to break into a highly protected bank?

Since the doors of the store were closed, the owners didn’t go inside until the next day. The thieves were caught on camera, but it was too dark to see their faces. Police investigators went back through the tunnel and found the warehouse and all the equipment.

The moral of the story: sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel is just a nightstand.