Two miracle catches in one day

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catchNEW YORK & CHINA – Who would have thought there would be two miracle catches in one day!

Thursday we told you about famed Yankee’s manager Joe Torre’s daughter–and her ‘miracle on the corner.’

Cristina Torre was sitting at a coffee shop in New York when she noticed a one year-old child dangling precariously from a fire escape.

Minutes later, he fell–and landed in Torre’s arms.

There must have been something in the air Thursday, because thousands of miles away in Ninghai County China, the same thing happened–but this time it was caught on camera!

Surveillance video shows a group of men looking up and holding their arms out.

Five stories up, a two year-old was teetering on a window ledge when she fell.

The men did the best to catch the little girl, but she smacked the ground pretty hard.

She suffered a bruise to the corner of her eye.

Two of the men who caught her suffered injuries as well.

Who needs the ‘Man of Steel’ when we have real-life supermen & women living amongst us!