Another Dreamliner flight becomes nightmare for passengers

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dreamlinerHOUSTON, TX – A missing suitcase and a lack of spare pillows are just a few of the things passengers should be prepared to deal with when they’re flying. The last thing a traveler wants to hear as they’re miles above the ground is that the airplane’s lost its brake system. But that’s exactly what happened half-way through the United Airlines flight, from Houston to Denver, in a great big 787 Dreamliner over the weekend.

Passenger and all around great guy, Michael Sandridge, told us that the captain came over the P.A. system and told the passengers they’d be going back to Houston because there’s going to be an emergency landing. There was apparently an indication that the plane had no brakes and Houston has a much longer runway than Denver.

So, Mike and the rest of the passengers held their breath, as the pilot busted a U-turn and headed all the way back to Houston. Fortunately the Houston emergency-landing was successful, and all the passengers emerged just fine.

United Airlines says, in part, they were “following standard operating procedures, as a precautionary measure…. and the maintenance team is conducting a review of the aircraft.”

Safe on the ground, passengers we’re re-routed and eventually got where they were headed. At least the bad-dream is over!