Anti-pervert hairy leggings promise to stop men ogling

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hairCHINA – Women in the western world love to wax, pluck and shave away body hair for the sake of social acceptance; especially in these hot summer months.

But over in China there’s a new crazy craze that has women actually adding extra hair to their bodies. Yes, adding body hair!

We’re talking about a new kind of women’s silk tights that are covered in fake leg hair. The new fuzzy finds are being marketed as a way to “repel perverts.”

The special leggings look like Chewbacca legs.

Interested? Don’t get too excited, they’re not widely available for sale just yet. There are a handful of online sellers taking pre-orders.

So ladies, you know have two options, smooth legs and unwanted attention or no fuss and just grin and hair it.