Edward Snowden vanishes in Moscow

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snowdenMOSCOW, RUSSIA – Edward Snowden, the high-school dropout who pilfered secrets about how America gathers intel on U.S. citizens and people around the world may still be in Moscow.

Thanks to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russia is Snowden’s latest port-of-call after leaving Hong Kong.

A car from the Ecuadorian embassy in Moscow showed up at the airport, adding to the possibility that Snowden has asked for asylum there.

Snowden apparently told Ecuador that he thinks he’ll be killed if he returns to the United States.

Snowden is not traveling alone.

He is with Sarah Harrison, a British citizen, journalist and legal researcher with WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks says she helped Snowden leave Hong Kong and is accompanying him on his ‘passage to safety.’

Apparently his pole dancing girlfriend Lindsay Mills doesn’t have the stroke he needs right now, to start a new life in a new country, that is.