New app will reveal surveillance devices around you

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survNEW YORK, NY – You are being watched! Security cams are spying on you everywhere (you’ve seen “Person of Interest”). But now a new app will let ‘you’ spy on ‘them.’

The “Surv” app tells you any and all surveillance devices within 100 meters of your iPhone.  That’s red light cameras, security cams, license plate readers, even facial recognition “and those creepy eye-scanning cameras from ‘Minority Report’,” according to a promotional video.

So if you’re “Sneaky” Snowden trying to avoid prying eyes or the Kardashians looking for every camera op you can get, you’ll know where they are.

Cool, right?

Now the bad news– Surv is still in the beta testing phase– meaning, designers want you and me to tell them where all the cameras are. Once they crowdsource the locations, they’ll confirm, upload and probably make a load a cash.

The app was created by Kaza Razat and Khalid Mills– Brooklyn game designers turned app-masters.

Though the beta version’s only in New York right now, Apple has already approved it for sale through their App Store.

The designers just need a little more money… like $25,000! That’s what they’re asking for on their Kickstarter.

So to be clear– awesome new app YOU need to pay to have produced and provide all the info for.

What will you get if you do? Well, if you’re one of the top info providers, you’ll get your name on a leaderboard. And if you provide big bucks to fund it, you’ll get access to the beta app and your name in the credits.

…And a cut of the profits? Uhh… no!

As cool as “Surv” sounds in theory, seems if you buy in, you just got served!