Skywire walker Nik Wallenda gets support from Joel Osteen

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joelHOUSTON, TX – While we were all freaking out watching Nik Wallenda walk across the Grand Canyon on a high-wire, you may have noticed there was someone there with him, providing a special kind of safety net.

Houston’s own Pastor Joel Osteen from Lakewood church prayed side by side with Wallenda before the walk and provided him with spiritual support every step of the way.

“I felt just like most people: very nervous and concerned,’ says Pastor Osteen. ‘But it was just time to really pray and focused, and to ask God to help him.”

OK. Faith got him through, but didn’t you think about stopping him?

“I didn’t tell him not to do it,’ explained Osteen, ‘because that was his dream. I went there to support what he was doing.”

In case you were under a rock Sunday, this guy was above a lot of them. It took Wallenda 22 minutes and 54 seconds to walk 1,400 feet across the canyon on a 2-inch steel cable. Wallenda said the walk was stressful but the view was breathtaking.

With this feat, Wallenda makes any super-hero look not so super.  First he walked over the Niagara falls, now the Grand Canyon. What’s next? The Atlantic Ocean? How about asking this guy for advice on dealing with the “fiscal cliff”?